Peace Corps Ghana has a "Welcome Booklet" that has some information that may be valuable and is a quick read.


If you have a smart phone consider downloading Viber, a free app that allows you to call, text or use a walkie talkie type communication while connected to the internet.  Put your phone on airplane mode and talk for free.


The house has plenty of power strips.  Electricity here is 220 and there are no converters in the house. I brought one with me that allows me to plug in my toothbrush and other assorted things that cannot go direct into 220.  You can buy adapters anywhere on the street but I'm not sure where to go to get a power converter.  I bought the Bestek Portable Charger Adapter from Amazon and it works great. It is extremely light and portable.

GEORGE REID was one of the first visiting faculty members at the Webster Ghana Campus.  He sent some great information that I have edited and am passing on to you.


1.     Transportation to and from the campus is pretty easy; walking is an option as well.   Although taxis are scarcer as it gets later (10 – 10:30 pm) they are available.  Ask for assistance from guards in getting a taxi.  It is possible to walk home, but it is dark.  You will need a flashlight.  Walking is not recommended by Webster Staff. 

2.     John and Ken may help you the first few days as far as stores and restaurants.  That seems to work well as an orientation – Once you are oriented taxi's are readily available and fairly inexpensive mode of transportation.  You will develop a favorite store, or maybe shop a couple to find what you want.  Stocks of items are hit or miss. 
3.     The Faculty House is comfortable.  Well furnished, cool A/C in the bedroom. Bathroom is good Kitchen is fine and well equipped.  WiFi is accessible pretty much throughout the house.  The only other significant issue at the house is the lack of functional screens on the windows.  Even the working screens have gaps or tears.  A/C  is run only in occupied rooms due to the expense of power.  Opening windows for an outside breeze is nice, but risky at dawn or dusk since many windows do have intact or functional screens.  On overcast or rainy days, early morning or evening, mosquitoes do come in.  
4.     Nice, apartment-size washing machine in the rear bathhouse.  Close line in the rear – clothes dry super fast.  You can fashion a system in your bathroom for small items. 
5.     If going out for a while, which might include going into a building or restaurant, wear insect repellent, at night always and even during the day.  During the day, especially on overcast or rainy days, mosquitoes are found in bathrooms, covered areas, outdoor restaurants, etc.  Also, most repellent containers suggest washing it off at night with soap and water before retiring. 
6.     If you are walking at night, carry a small flashlight.  You will find few if any sidewalks and the roadside is full of potholes, deep holes, bumps, etc.  + in dark areas, approaching traffic will see you better.
7.     Malarone or its generic equivalent is suggested. Doxycycline can cause stomach/abdominal issues. Talk to your doc about that (some docs are not familiar with Malarone.
8.     If you have underlying medical issues, I suggest medical evacuation insurance, available from a couple of companies.  Even if you don’t have issues, a serious illness or injury could require a higher standard of care and getting to another location could be very expensive without insurance.  Ask your health insurance carrier if they will cover international medical costs
9.     Ghanaians are very friendly. Pass anyone on the street and they want to say hello.  You should feel very safe here. Safe at night as well, at least around the immediate neighborhood of school and faculty house.   Also, there are a few super friendly ambassadors of Accra you will encounter in shopping areas (Osu, for example).  They will want to know your name, where you are from,  and will walk along with you.  They want you to buy something or to be paid for guiding you to your destination.  Do what you like, but after a friendly greeting you may want to “dismiss them” in a nice way.  The longer they linger the more difficult it is to disengage.


1.     The classrooms are well equipped and comfortable; having a faculty office in the classroom suite is helpful as well.  Materials can be left there and it is a quiet place to work.   The staff is very helpful and supportive in all ways. If using your personal computer, have the IT staff load the network printer driver onto your machine so you can print.  

2.      Outages are common but usually short in duration at both the Faculty House and the Campus. 

3.     Students, especially the MBA Students, are notoriously late.  Set boundaries.  They are on "Ghana Time" and if there are no boundaries, you may find students coming more than an hour late.  

4.     As with punctuality, an expectation must be set for attendance.  Most instructors establish a tolerance of missing one class – with make-up work.  

5.  Let the Librarian know as soon as possible what text you will be using.  Students get their books through the campus and it can take considerable time for the order to come in.

6.     Small suggestion: Print, Webster Ghana MBA/IR logo name cards (tents) – students can write their names on them.  Fold into triangles to  make a name plate.

7.    George comment:  "I took an online subscription course to African Business and found many references in searching archived issues mostly related to the Corporate Responsibility course.  I wanted both of my courses to be global, including examples from the US, but also wanted to examine the phenomenon of Africa."

George’s guide to restaurants and shopping (my favorites).  Note: Taxi drivers know the grocery stores and malls, but usually don’t know the restaurants.  I guide them from experience or use my Google maps. All taxi times are traffic dependent.  Sat and Sun, times are much shorter.  Noon – 6 pm weekdays= times longer.  The area around Koala Grocery  and between Koala and Shoprite in OSU is full of interesting/tourist oriented vendors.  A few are aggressive in “friending” you.

·       Robby’s Dutch Pub (noon till late)
5 min walk (orange building, turn left at end of dirt road) Mediocre food, variety of beers, friendly owners (Robby and Abena), friendly patrons
·       Get-Stuffed Deli (noon until 5 or 6 pm; closed Sun)[owner is Indian/Harry]
10 min walk (turn right at end of dirt road, awning, outdoor dining ) Very good foods (except for cold sandwiches which have almost no filling).  Great hot/pressed wraps, curries, hot sandwiches – I’ll paste an image of the menu on next page)
·       Goethe Institute (noon through evening; closed Sat and Sun)
15 min walk from university (turn left out of main gate, left at next intersection, on the left about ¼ mile)  Ghanaian food at lunch; beer and German food after 4 pm).  Outdoor/rustic,  but decent food)
·       Captain Hook’s (5 pm to late)[owner is Jean Pierre]
7 min walk from university (same route as Goethe, you will see it on the right just after the intersection.  Good food, expensive by Accra standards.  Seafood, pasta.
·       WEB DuBois Center (lunch for sure, not sure about dinner)
15 min walk from univ., 20 min from Fac. House.  Proceed north on east boundary road of US Embassy.   Just past the first intersection on right.  This is an interesting museum + lunch spot for good Ghanaian food and pizza + a bakery. 
·       Chase Sports Bar & Restaurant [Lebanese] (open every day)
20 min walk from Fac. House (see map).  Diverse menu, good food, Peroni draft.  Hookah bar outdoors and in the lounge.  Also, Japanese stir fry and sushi = separate menu
·       Sunshine  Café and Salad Bar (lunch only; closed Sun)
10 min taxi (down the street beside the Total gas station (100 yds.), across from Koala Grocery in OSU.  Really extensive menu, good food, sandwiches, salads)
·       La Piazza  gelato and sandwich shop; open every day (Lebanese, but Italian food)
same location as Sunshine, but across the street.  Good food, pizza, beer & wine.
·       Alliance Francaise (evening for sure; not sure about lunch)
15 Minute taxi,  French cultural center and center for performing arts.  Great Italian restaurant on site + pizza. 

·       Mahogany (open every day lunch/dinner) [Ghanian}
5-6 min taxi. Inside Mahogany Hotel.  Good Ghanian food.  Indoor or outdoor.
·       El Paso Mexican Restaurant (open every day,  I think) – same owner as Chase [Lebanese]
Decent Mexican food.  Next door to Global Mama’s and Koala Grocery
·       Tandoor Indian [owned by son of Harry of GetStuffed Deli] –  
10 min walk or short taxi.  Good Indian food.  Outdoor only (fans, but warm)

·       Grocery: Shoprite OSU [South African]
10 min taxi.  In OSU district – further down from Koala (see map).  This is the largest Shoprite and they have most everything, including prepared foods.  Harry at the deli says not to buy their fresh meats.  He gets his at Marina Plaza. 
Shoprite at Accra Mall also (smaller, but OK) see Accra Mall below
·       Marina Plaza Mall and Grocery [Lebanese owned, I think]
10 min taxi (across from Airport).  My other favorite grocery store. Has items not found at Shoprite and vice versa.  Several other stores in mall and a d’Café pastry shop, electronics, etc.
·       Koala Grocery [Lebanese]
10 min taxi.  Smaller, nice deli cheeses, olives, etc.  but limited stock. 
·       Accra Mall (including Shoprite). 
15 min taxi.  Nice mall: restaurants, shopping, Apple Store, Game (Ghana’s subsidiary for Walmart), movie theater.  Beyond Marina Plaza, but north of Airport.
·       Palace “superstore” [Lebanese]
Same area as Accra mall – 5 min taxi east of mall.  Grocery + hardware/housewares.  Still new, not sure they have their act together, but worth surveying.


Goethe Institute
Less than 10 minute walk from the Campus.  On the first Saturday of each month, they have vendors who set up tables with items to sell. They have a nice assortment of crafts from artisans.

Global Mama's is a Fair Trade Retail Shop in Oso about a half block from Koala Supermarket.

Trashy Bags is a retail shop that sells wallets, grocery bags, computer cases, purses and all kinds of things made from recycled water bags, billboards and other material.  The store is a "fixed price store" in Osu and has many signs that will help lead you there.  It is less than 10 minute walk from Koala Supermarket

It is possible to take a day trip and see The National Museum, Independence Square and Nkrumah's Memorial site in one day.

The National Museum
A good museum depicting Ghanaian history.  Good use of time

Nkrumah Memorial Site and Museum
Nkrumah and his wife are buried at this site.  This was the second burial site for Nkrumah.  The museum, like all I visited is small, but interesting.

There are Saturday tours, however, it is possible to get a tour any day of the week.  An interesting look at one of the poorest areas of Ghana. There is British Fort, converted into a Prison after independence and now abandoned. In addition there is a lighthouse. For a small fee you can climb to the top and witness views of the entire Jamestown.

Cedi Bead Factory
Cedi Bead Factory is in the Volta Region.  Beads are made from recycled glass.  If you call ahead of time you can make your own beads.  There is a store there and the product in relatively inexpensive.  Overall a good experience.

Volta Lake
This is the largest man-made lake in the world.  It has an interesting history, one of President Nkrumah's accomplishments.  There is environmental controversy around this lake.

Botanical Gardens
Located in the Eastern Region of Arubi, this is a large garden.  The site was built in the 1800's as a sanatorium for Gold Coast government officials.  It has several interesting surprises that I found surprising.

A city in the Ashanti Region and full of cultural things to do and see.  The King's Palace, the Cultural Museum, and an area where Kenti Cloth is made are some of the highlights.  Kumasi can be reached by land, but it is a long bus ride.  However, it is only a 30 minute flight.

If you are interested in seeing how Adrinkra Stamping is done and you would like to do your own cloth, you can take a 40 minute bus ride from the heart of Kumasi to Ntonso Ashanti Craft Village.

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